About Us

Azad Jammu and Kashmir Teachers Organization is a welfare organization which was established under an act in 1998. It is working for the welfare of teachers. Its Authority is Board of Governors which decides important management and financial concerns. Minister of Education is the Chairman of this board, the Secretary Education is Vice Chairman, Managing Director and Secretary is managing head of this organization. Other members of board are: DPI Schools Elementary/Secondary, Finance Secretary, Secretory Industry, Presidents of all the three organizations (President Teacher Organization, President ACTA, President Headmasters Association).

Teachers of Azad Jammu and Kashmir are its contributing members who pay Teachers Foundation Fund by different rates as under:

Teachers Category Teachers Foundation Fund
Teachers in Scale B.7 Rs. 30
Teachers in Scale B.9 Rs. 36
Teachers in Scale B. 10.-B.11 Rs. 39
Teachers in Scale B.12/B.13 Rs. 42
Teachers in Scale B.14 Rs. 45
Teachers in Scale B.15/B.16 Rs. 60
School Teachers/ Officers/ College Officers  Scale B.17 Rs. 75
School Teachers/ Officers/ College Officers  Scale B.18 Rs. 90
School Teachers/ Officers/ College Officers  Scale B.19/B.20 Rs. 150

Teachers Foundation is printing/publishing syllabus books at present. The profit thus earned is used for the welfare of teachers. In case of death of any contributing member, a reasonable amount is paid to the kins immediately. Besides this, children of contributing members, who score 60% marks in respective classes, are granted stipends in different rates as under:

Class 11, 12: Rs. 1500
B.A/B.Sc.: Rs. 2000
M.A./M.Sc. Rs. 3000
Professional BS Programmes Rs. 4000
MBBS Rs. 10000
Phil/ Ph.D Rs. 10000

This Foundation is on its way to progress although there are many hurdles in its way.Teachers Foundation Complex Lower Plate Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir.