1. Who has to pay teachers foundation fund?

Ans: All the school/college teachers pay this fund.

  1. How can I apply for stipend of my studying children?

Ans: Prescribed forms are issued for application of stipend.

  1. From where I can find/obtain the stipend form?

Ans: Forms can be obtained from the Office of Teachers Foundation, situated in Lower Plate, Muzaffarabad.

  1. Are all the studying children eligible to get stipend?

Ans: Only students of class 11 and above, who have obtained 60% marks in previous class are eligible.

  1. Which documents are required to attach with the stipend form?

Ans: Attested copies of result card, salary slip and CNIC of the teacher is required.

  1. When is the form for stipends available?

Ans: The forms are issued in December/January every year, and can be submitted till March.